I want to transport the viewer back into time. I like to paint people from the past, from all social classes, interacting in everyday situations. I want my art to create a mood, evoke a feeling, and even bring back old memories. Today, so many of us exist in a world that is fast paced. It’s difficult to slow down, take a breath and see all the beauty that surrounds us
— John Payne

All works are produced with high quality oils on fine textured canvas.



Summertime  22" x 30"  $8900

Age of Flight  32" x 26"  Sold

Beatle Invasion  20" x 30"  Sold

Norma Jean 24" x 19"

Norma Jean 24" x 19"  $4800

The Babe 48" x 32"  $11,500

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